Custom wreaths for every style

Custom Decorated Fresh Wreath

Horse Creek Christmas Tree Farm creates custom wreathes for gifts and your enjoyment Thousands of wreaths have been sent all over the country,. 

About our Wreaths

Horse Creek Christmas Tree Farm specializes in exclusive designs of wreaths for our customers at a reasonable cost.  We start with your choice of bow color, design style and accent choices to create a wreath that is uniquely yours.  Each wreath is handmade by florist designers and no two wreaths are the same. 

The greenery used is Midwest grown and treated to remain fresh and beautiful throughout your holiday season. Predominately, the trees used are Scotch pine, Arborvitae and Cedar.  Fir boughs can also be requested.  

Wreaths are made just a few days before shipping.  Hung outside, the wreath will remain green for two to three months. Inside, the wreath will keep its color and look beautiful throughout the Holiday season.  Many of our customers leave them up through the winter.

The ribbon used for our wreaths has a wire frame that allows the loops to be reshaped. If your bow arrives flattened, it is easily primped. 

Horse Creek fresh wreaths help the environment.  The evergreens used in the wreath are a renewable resource. The packing material around the wreath is popcorn that can be fed to birds.